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"Chicago Hospitals Share Green Initiatives" By Peter Locke

For years, Chicago area hospitals have implemented energy conservation projects, which resulted in nearly $3 million in program incentives, $3 million in utility savings, and 241,000,000 kBtus conserved. Read more about the five stand-out initiatives that hospitals across the country can benefit from.

Our Team

TerraLocke’s team of seasoned, multidisciplinary professionals brings years of business, education, non-governmental organization, and government experience to your organization's sustainability initiatives — whether large or small.

We provide a full range of sustainability services, from identifying simple first steps to take, to developing and implementing full-scale, organization-wide sustainability plans — and everything in between.

Our expertise includes market research; developing business cases for sustainability; identifying and securing funding for sustainability projects; conducting technical audits, such as energy and GHG inventory; planning and facilitating stakeholder engagements; and providing employee training.

Let our collaborative, analytical, and creative approach help your organization today. Whatever your size, we want to talk with you. Please contact us directly by email or phone and start achieving your sustainability goals now.

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Are you considering new sustainability actions? Want to implement initiatives but doesn't know where to start? Or are you all about sustainability and just need advice? Wherever you are in your sustainability efforts, we can help.

  1. If you are just beginning to consider sustainability efforts, read below. Then go to our Services page to learn about sustainability audits, plans, trainings, and ways to finance your projects and get help quantifying your greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. If you need help prioritizing or implementing a plan, jump there.
  3. If sustainability is your business and you're seeking help from a trusted partner, we would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you. See how we can help.
  4. Or just look over our Services to see the different ways in which we can help you meet your sustainability goals.

Why should your organization consider sustainability?

Sustainability is quickly becoming a necessity if you want to:

  • Save money on energy costs
  • Stay competitive in the marketplace
  • Catch new business opportunities that could position you for future growth
  • Promote a healthier and more productive workforce
  • Attract the best employees
  • Achieve green business standards
  • Meet corporate responsibility goals

Can a business or organization really become more sustainable and save money at the same time?

Absolutely! There are many ways an organization can reduce its "environmental footprint" while improving its bottom line. Simple steps include switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs or adding faucet aerators. More comprehensive solutions may involve whole building energy retrofits, taking inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, or planning new construction to meet LEED certification standards. The approaches that make sense for your organization depend on your goals and your past sustainability experience. Whatever your situation, TerraLocke can help.

What are the right sustainability goals for my organization?

If you're asking this question you are not alone. Most organizations that are just beginning to develop a sustainability plan do not know where, or how to begin. Like you, most organizations have lots of questions:

  • Should we start small or big?
  • What options do we have?
  • Which goals are attainable?
  • How can we measure our success?
  • Which stakeholders should we engage, and how?
  • How far should we extend our efforts --just locally, or should we think about our supply chain?

Whatever your questions, TerraLocke would like the opportunity to speak with you. If you've been conducting sustainability programs for years and are stuck on what to do next, our fresh and business-oriented approach can help. We will work with you to set sustainability goals that are attainable, meaningful, and have the impact you want.

TerraLocke will help you get there

(Think of us as your on-demand Sustainability Department)

  • Whether you are just beginning or already underway
  • Whether you are a for-profit, non-profit, or government entity
  • Whether you are looking for strategic, company-wide solutions, or are just trying to conserve key resources like water and energy

TerraLocke will work with you to set goals, select the best approaches, implement those approaches and measure your impact.

Our strength lies in our team of seasoned professionals with experience in a variety of business and NGO environments. Each partner has over fifteen years of professional experience in areas including operations, business strategy, marketing, information systems, change management, and project management. Three of us have MBA’s.

We stay current on emerging trends in the marketplace, in financing mechanisms, and in Congress. We are up to date on the latest tools and technologies. Our passion for detail will help you profit from market trends, anticipate legislative changes, and avoid risk. Through our diversity, and our collaborative, analytical and creative approach, we’ll help you develop a sustainability plan that has a positive impact on your employees, your customers and your bottom line.