TerraLocke has been deeply involved in the Chicago area sustainability movement and has established relationships with local elected officials, educational institutions, government employees, community organizations, and businesses. We also have worked with the State of Missouri and are working with non-profits in Monteverde, Costa Rica.


As ComEd’s Smart Ideas for Your Business healthcare outreach representative, Peter engages over 100 Chicago-area hospitals in understanding the business case for sustainability investments, and in planning and implementing energy efficiency programs.

Chicago Green Healthcare Initiative

The Chicago Green Health Care Initiative (CGHI) works to develop successful approaches to accelerate the implementation of energy conservation measures in hospitals. Successful approaches, once identified and proven, can serve as models to replicate in other hospitals and communities. CGHI started in 2010 with a 3- year grant to the City of Chicago and Health Care Without Harm from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) as part of the Climate Showcase Communities program. Today, CGHI continues with generous support from the Joyce Foundation and in partnership with Global Philanthropy Partnership. The TerraLocke team has been working on this Initiative since 2011. 

Choose Chicago

Green Meeting Certification: The TerraLocke team helped Choose Chicago , Chicago’s Convention and Visitor Bureau, complete their application for Level I Certification for the ASTM Specification for Evaluation and Selection of Destinations for Environmentally Sustainable Meetings, Events, Trade Shows, and Conferences. In short, we helped Choose Chicago become certified as a supplier of green meetings. Becoming Level I certified involved working with Choose Chicago staff to collect information to establish baselines of waste diversion, energy use from travel, and purchasing of environmentally preferable products. Then, together we developed a corporate environmental sustainability policy, with sub-policies on staff travel and green purchasing. Congratulations Choose Chicago for being the 2nd CVB in the U.S. to gain this certification!

Chicago Retrofit Program Director

As Chicago Retrofit Program Director, TerraLocke Managing Director Peter Locke is responsible for facilitation of the Chicago Retrofit Steering Committee; updating the Retrofit Strategy, based on best practices, individual stakeholder strategies, funding opportunities, and on-going analysis of performance data; and overseeing execution of the Chicago Retrofit Strategy by setting priorities and refining and implementing initiatives. Specifically, the Chicago Retrofit Program Director will facilitate the Steering Committee to accomplish the Retrofit's 6 primary strategic initiatives:

  • Develop and launch of the Chicago Retrofit Information System
  • Establish strategic C&I trade partnerships
  • Partner with retailers to reach small C&I and residential customers
  • Identify co-delivery opportunities across organizations
  • Cultivate new financing options and tie to current channels and programs
  • Introduce widely-recognized "branding" of the retrofit product

Members of the Chicago Retrofit Steering Committee represent: ComEd, Peoples Gas, CEDA, IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Northern Illinois Energy Project, Chicago Department of Environment, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAA), NICOR, City of Rockford.

Columbia College, Chicago, IL

TerraLocke and Sustainametrics are working with Columbia College on Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Goals, resulting in the development of a tailored Sustainability Roadmap. The Consulting Team is taking a comprehensive, systems oriented, cross operational, and curriculum inclusive approach. Their systematic methodology is designed to guide Columbia College through five phases of community engagement; Assess the status of current sustainability initiatives; Analyze initiatives using College specific metrics; Prioritize initiatives based on collaboratively defined criteria, and Deliver a Sustainability Plan that has the support of College stakeholders.

Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville, AL

Building Energy Retrofit Plan Development and Funding: The project was initiated as a funding assistance request project for a small pilot solar photovoltaic installation for a large hospital in Huntsville. In discussions with the hospital, we conveyed the need to not only take advantage of energy efficiency opportunities to secure funding for PV installation, but also to be able to tell and sell a vision for the project. We reviewed all existing EE activities across the hospital campus and identified the Women and Children's Center as the building most suited for the first EE project. Currently, a commercial-grade energy audit is being conducted on this building. The plans for this building include an integrated and holistic building retrofit, where EE activities are combined with building integrated PV, agricultural roof, vegetative roofs, drawtube wind turbine technology, and a white roof. We developed marketing material around project vision, along with supporting financials. Currently we are pursuing $600,000 in funding from foundations and local businesses to supplement the capital expenditure the hospital is investing in the project.

Village of Schaumberg, IL

TerraLocke, along with its partner Home Services and Consulting, conducted over 130 residential and small commercial energy audits for the Village of Schaumburg as part of Schaumberg's ARRA-funded energy audit program. The audits included conducting blower door tests, using infrared imaging, calculating NACH, modeling the home in REM/Rate, identifying energy conservation measures, explaining the associated building science to the home owner, and delivering a customer specific report to the home owner within five business days.

City of Wheaton, IL

TerraLocke, along with its partner Home Services and Consulting, conducted 35+ residential energy audits for the City of Wheaton as part of Weaton's ARRA-funded energy audit program. The audits included: conducting blower door tests, using infrared imaging, calculating NACH, identifying energy conservation measures, explaining the associated building science to the home owner, and delivering a customer specific report to the home owner with five business days.

Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project, Chicago, IL

Sustainable Community Master Plan Development: As Partner, developed a 15-year Sustainability Master plan for Edgewater, one of Chicago's Northside neighborhoods of 60,000 residents. The stakeholder engagement process incorporated efforts of local organizations, school districts, and City of Chicago representatives to define plan areas including: energy efficiency, alternative energy, green schools, transportation, planning and development, green space, recycling, and education/outreach. Other deliverables included the creation of a project collaboration website, incorporation and promotion of "local living economy" concepts for businesses, and community engagement using online surveys, public meetings, and educational sessions. Client: Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project - Chicago.

Battlecreek Public School District, Battlecreek, MI

Identified and analyzed small wind turbine technologies, Conducted Financial analysis for wind turbine installations and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) installations.

Andersonville Development Corporation

Sustainability Project Consulting: Provided consulting services focused on eco-Andersonville's Programs including: Development of Sustainability Roadmap for Anteprima Restaurant, Consulting with Multiple Businesses on achieving sustainability certification, business outreach, Learning Series development, Data Tracking and Analysis System development, Chicago rebate and funding research, and authored Green Building Incentive Program Guidelines. Client: Andersonville Development Corporation Chicago IL.

State of Missouri, Grow Native! Program

Business Transition Consulting: Grow Native! was a program of the Missouri Department of Conservation, and provided native plant education, business development, and marketing assistance to build the demand for and supply of native plants in Missouri. TerraLocke led the year-long facilitation process to transition the assets and mission of Grow Native! out of state government and into the private sector. The mission of Grow Native! is being carried forward by the Missouri Prairie Foundation.