TerraLocke Overview

This document provides a two page overview of TerraLocke's Team, Approach, Methodology, and Services. View Document

TerraLocke's Implementation Methodology

TerraLocke utilizes a systematic approach to defining and implemeting a sustainability plan. This document provides an overview of the implementation methodology. View Document

TerraLocke's Business Sustainability Audit

One of the first steps in defining and implementing a sustainability plan is to look an organization's operations through an "environmental lens". The goal of the audit is to identify potential business opportunities and risks. This document describes TerraLocke's Business Sustainability Audit approach. SORRY - this document is under revision (Sept 2012) and will be re-available shortly.

What is a Sustainability Plan?

Sustainability plans vary from organization to organization with regards to approach, scope, and focus. This document describes these variables and provides a structure for thinking about sustainability plan. View Document

Why Implement a Sustainability Plan?

There are numerous reasons why an organization should implement a sustainability plan. This document provides a structure for thinking about those reasons and examples. View Document

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability plans can include a wide array of tactical initiatives - a small fraction are included in this document. View Document

Green Product Standards

Almost everywhere you look these days product manufacturers are touting the "Greenness" of their products. But what makes a product "Green" and who decides that it is "Green". This document provides a summary overview of the Green Product Standards industry. View Document

Establishing a Green Corporate Plan - Presentation

This is the presentation Peter Locke presented at the ICSC's RECon show in Las Vegas on May 21st, 2008. View Document

Establishing a Green Corporate Plan - Handout

This is a supplemental handout to Peter Locke's ICSC REcon presentation. View Document